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Advanced SEO Tips To Increase Your Blog Ranking In Search Engine. Do Blogger SEO Settings and drive huge organic traffic.

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Blogger SEO Settings, As We Know that for WordPress SEO Lots of Plugins are Present that help a lot to do WordPress SEO, but in Blogger SEO Such Facilities are Not Present. We need to do all such things manually but this is not easy for all And it creates problems for Newbies.

But, Don’t Worry, I Will Talk About Advanced Blogger SEO Settings that include all things For Blogger SEO. Before We Start Blogger SEO Settings, Let’s We Know A little About What is SEO?  This Will Also Cover How To Increase Website Ranking?

What is SEO?

SEO is the Most Important Part for Any Website to Rank in search engines. If Your site’s SEO is configured Wrong then Your Site Will Never be Ranked in the Search engine, and You will not get any Traffic. And, If You Will does not get traffic then Your Revenue Will not Generate and You will be at a loss.

We can say that SEO is the Heart Beat of any Website. As We Already Know that No Plugins are Available For Blogger SEO, all things We need to do manually. So, In This Advanced SEO Settings. I will Cover Important Blogger SEO Settings Such as

  1. Description of Meta Tags.
  2. Custom Page Not Found (Error 404)
  3. Custom Redirects( Redirects Page Not Found on Your Blog)
  4. Custom Robots.txt
  5. Custom Robots Header Tags

So let’s Discuss them One By One.

Blogger SEO Settings

1. Description of Meta Tags

Firstly Know What is Meta Description? So, Let a Practical Example To Know. Now, Go to Google and Search, and You Will See Like this as Shown in the Image and The Description Appear In the Red Box that is Meta Description. This is important; In Meta Description, You Need To Focus on Your Main Keyword.

how youseotools appear on google

How to Add Meta Description On Blogger?

  1.  Go to and log in to your Account.
  2.  After login Click on Settings >> Search Preferences.
  3. Then In Top You Will Meta Tags Click On Edit >> Yes
  4. And, then you will see a Box Appear. On that Box Write Your Meta Description.

But Most Important Only 150 Characters is allowed to Write. So, In that 150 Characters You Need To Play With Your Focus Keyword.

2. Custom Page Not Found

How To Auto Redirect 404 Error Page To Homepage In Blogger? This means that Suppose You Write A Article And Published it that any Reason removes the article but After some time the Article. But, One of Your Viewers has the URL of that Article and if they Visit that URL then Your Viewers Will See a Page Not Found Error.

This will severely Effect Your Viewers. So, if you want to remove this Error. Then you need to add a Redirection Link Code In The box of a Custom page not found. Copy the Below code and paste it on the Custom Page not found box and click on Save. Now, this Error Is fixed.


“<a href=”Your HomePage Url” target=”_blank”>Error 404 Page Not Found</a>
<p>Currently this Page is not Found<a href=”Your Home Page URL” target=”_blank”>Home page</a>.”

3. Custom Redirects


By This feature, You Will Redirect Your Deleted Post Or Pages to An Existing Another Post. It Means When You Delete Some Post Or Pages From Your Website then The Post or Page Will be deleted but the Url of that Post or Pages Will not be deleted. They Create Broken Link that Badly Effects Your Blogger SEO. So, Redirects that Broken Link to an existing Post that Is Similar to the Deleted Post.

How To Set Custom Redirects in Blogger

  1.  Do 1 and 2 Steps, as I mentioned in the Meta Description Section.
  2. Then In the middle You Will See Error and Redirections >> Custom Redirects >> Edit. You will see this.
  3.  In the From, Section Paste the Url of Deleted Post or Page.
  4. In the To, Section Paste the Url of the Post Or Page to Which you want to Redirect Your Broken link.
  5. Click On Permanent.
  6. Then Save it.

Now You Successfully Redirects Your Broken Link to an Existing Post Or Page. If You Do not have any Deleted posts or Pages, then Don’t Use this Option.

4. Custom Robots.txt

This is the Important Part of Blogger SEO, Or any Website SEO. If You Do Wrong, then Your Site Will Not Appear in Search Results. By using this feature, You can Disallow Search engines to Crawl Your Website, or If You didn’t Want Any Category of Your Website Will Appear in Search Results. However, if you want to use it Normal then Copy the Below Code and Paste it into Custom Robots.txt.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /Search
Allow: /

5. Custom Robots Header Tags

This will help a lot if you Do this Correct. So, As You See in the Image Do the Same. Below I Will Explain Every Option and How it Works? And Why it is Important.


HomePage:- In This Option, We Choose Option All which means You Allow Search engines to Fully Index Your Website Homepage.

Archive & Pages:- In this Option, You need to Select no index and no archive because We Did not allow Search engines to index. Because THE link of the Article of Archive or Search Pages is different From the Original Article link. So, if you to index then Google Will Consider Duplicate content because A Single articles have more than one Link, you see in the Image Do the same.

Default Post and Pages:- Here Click On All and then click to Save Settings. Now All Option is Done in Custom Robots Header Tags.

6. Submit Your Site To Google Webmaster

Now All Things Are Down but if didn’t Submit your Site on Google Webmaster then How does Google Will Know the Existing of Your Website?

So, Go to Google Webmaster and Click on Add Property then Add Your Website. They Will Say to Verify Ownership, and Then You See multiple options to verify. But, this Article is For Bloggers. So, Select HTML Verification and Copy all HTML code they Provide.


Now Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML then search <head> and below this paste all your code and click on Save Settings.

You have Done All Basic to Blogger SEO Settings. Now, Focus On Your Content As Content is King, and When You Write Your Article Always Research about Keywords.


We hope This Article Will Help You to Drive a Little bit of Traffic and also improve Your Website Ranking. IF you Gain any Knowledge, then Don’t be cheap to Share. Thanks For Giving Your Valuable Time. Did You Want to Move Your Blogger Blog to WordPress?

blogger seo settings

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