How To Install WordPress On Your cPanel Account? Both Manual & One-Click

How to install WordPress? The expert’s way is the easiest and simple way. Here, you know each step to install WordPress properly with an image of each step.

how to install wordpress
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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms. As WordPress covers almost 50-60% of the website. Today everyone prefers WordPress for creating blogs as well as for websites because it makes it easy to handle a large website from other platforms such as blogger. As we already covered WordPress Vs Blogger which one is better? In this article, we talk about how to install WordPress professionally.

There are different ways to install WordPress, a simple 1-click installation method, and the other one is manual. No difference in both methods but some of the web hosting didn’t provide a 1-click installation in that case if you don’t know about the manual method you can face problems. So, we know about both methods.

But, To install WordPress you need a hosting service you can buy from Bluehost or elsewhere to get some discounts on hosting if you have then proceeded to the WordPress tutorial.

How To Install WordPress By One-Click Installation Method

It is one of the simple and easiest methods to install WordPress; it doesn’t require any coding knowledge. Just click on install, and your WordPress will be installed within 3-4 minutes. But, not all hosting provider offers this type of service, but you will get it in Bluehost or some other.

If you had purchased a hosting that has Cpanel then this is the easiest way to install WordPress. So, the first step is to log in to your Cpanel.

Then, scroll down to find the Softaculous Apps Installer option as you can see in the image.

softaculous apps installer

You will see a number of CMS but we’ve to focus here only on WordPress as the tutorial is on how you can install WordPress in one click. So, Select WordPress from the CMS shown on that screen.

install wordpress using softaculous

Then you will be redirected to the Softculous Apps Installer page where you see WordPress with two options install and details as you see in the image. Here, You have to click on the Install Button to further proceed with the installation process.

click on install now button softaculous

A form opens where you need to fill in some details which are required to install WordPress as you show in the image.

fill site details softaculous

Also, You can select a theme from the “Select Theme” option or can continue without selecting any of them.

select them if you want

After filling details click on the install button present at the bottom and your installation will start. After installation, you will get your admin URL by which you can log in to your WordPress dashboard, and then you can write your first post or whatever you want to do.

How To Install WordPress By Manual Method?

The manual method is one of the best and most professional methods that work with all types of hosting services. Some of the hosting services do not provide a one-click installation method. In this case, the manual method is the final option for you and if you didn’t know about the manual method, then you need to hire professionals to do it for you.

So, be focused and know how to install WordPress manually this will save you money. We also provide images of each step so that you can easily able to install WordPress. So, follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Go to the official website of wordpress[dot]org then download the latest version of WordPress, which is in the zip format.

Step 2: Then, upload the downloaded file of WordPress to your hosting. Don’t know how to upload? Follow the below steps.

Open your hosting provider’s website then login to Cpanel, you will have a lot of options but you have to click on File Manager.

cpanel file manager

You will see some folders already in your file manager, open the folder named public_html (if you have to install WordPress on the domain that is attached to the hosting package otherwise you will folder with the domain name).

public_html cpanel location

On the public_html folder, click the upload option and upload the downloaded file WordPress.

Step 3: After the successful uploading of the file, extract the file of WordPress on the same folder public_html and delete the zip file of WordPress from the same folder.

How To Create a Database In Cpanel?

Now, we need a database to assign to our WordPress. So, we need to create a database and then link this database to the WordPress that we uploaded right now.

Step 4: Firstly, go back to the Cpanel menu and click on MySQL database in order to create a database that will be linked to WordPress.

mysql database cpanel

Step 5: Now enter your database name then click on create a database button so that a database will be created.

create new database on cpanel

How to Create Database User In Cpanel?

Step 6: Go back to the same screen where you had created a database, and you will see an option to create a user. Below, We had given some steps by following which you can create a user.

add new mysql user on cpanel
  1. Scroll down to MySQL users and you will form like this.
  2. First, enter your username.
  3. Then password and repeat the password.
  4. Now click on create a user.

How To Assign/Link User To Database In Cpanel?

Step 7: We had created a database as well as a user now you need to assign a user with the database you created.

add user to database
  1. Scroll down to add a user to the database you will image below.
  2. In the user, option selects the user you created.
  3. And, in the database option select database, you created.
  4. Now, click on add.
  5. Then you will see manage user privileges.
  6. Tick mark on all privileges and click on make changes.

You have successfully created a database and also assigned the users. Write your database user name, database name, and database password on a notepad.

Step 8: Now go back to the Cpanel menu and click on file manager >> public_html >> wp-config.php then click on edit.

Now, You have to replace database_name_here with Your Database Name, username_here with Your Database User Name and Password_here with Your Database Password then click on save.

configure wp-config file

Step 9: It’s time to open the domain that you linked with your hosting, you will see the WordPress logo and it will ask you to select language, select your preferred language and click continue.

select wp language

Step 10: In the next step, you will see a form where it asks you to fill in your website information such as your site title, the username (WordPress admin username), password (WordPress admin password), your email id then tick mark on discourage search engine from indexing your site.

wp setup

Now you ask why we disallow search engines from indexing our site because here your site is not fully ready and also there are no posts. So, write posts and ready your website for the visitors so that the user experience will not ruin. Whenever your site is ready allow the search engines to index your website. This will help to rank as your site is giving a good user experience.

Now, click on the install WordPress after that you will see a thank you message that your WordPress is successfully installed with an option to log in.

wp success install

Click on login and enter your WordPress admin username with the WordPress admin password and click on login. Then you successfully log in to your WordPress dashboard.

Bonus! Things To Do After WordPress Installed

  1. Upload WordPress theme to look beautiful/stylish. Also, you can download it from the theme store.
  2. Install plugins from the plugin store such as the Yoast SEO/Rank Math plugin or whatever you need.
  3. Customize your WordPress theme according to your need.
  4. Write a helpful article so that visitors will attract to your site and you can make your site a brand.
  5. Install necessary plugins such as jetpack, contact form 7, etc.


I hope you now know how to install WordPress from both the one-click installation method as well as the manual method. All the best for your blogging career and if you face any problem related to WordPress installation, then you can ask through a comment or you can directly contact us through the contact us page.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding the above tutorial so that we can improve.

how to install wordpress

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