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Broken Link Checker is an Online Tool To Find Broken Links Either Internal Or External. So, That You Can Keep Your Website Clean and Rank Higher In SERP.

The links on your website can lead to another page, documents, or information that will give the visitor a quality user experience. The Occasion may arise when such links are faulty or broken due to various reasons. But note that a broken link will affect user experience and, ultimately, the success of your website.

There are so many links on websites, and it is challenging to keep track of; this is why you need a link detective like the one we offer. A broken page (link) leads to nowhere; it doesn't work and will often resulting in an error page. This happens when the link, pointing to a web page that has been deleted or moved.

A broken link can harm your website's ranking and excellent performance. You need to find all links on a website that do not work correctly, so ranking does not get affected. When the links are broken, no Magic can give your site to perform well until it is found and fixed. You need to get all the URLs from a website that needs to be viewed and come up with a strategy to solve the problem.

How Broken Links (Dead URL) Affects Your Site

  • It causes your site to stagnate and never found in search engines. It frustrates your visitors and website ranking efforts stops search engine crawler from searching your website prevents visitors from having access to information on your website makes you lose money

Imagine you are sick, and there is no doctor to detect your ailment, how would you get treated? The same way Broken Link Checker services work with websites. It is a diagnostic tool for finding the bad links on your site.

What is Broken Link Checker?

A broken link Checker is a web service tool to test links on the submitted website and report on their status. When you need to get all links from a website that are not working, it checks on every link on the provided URL to see if any do not lead to where they point, just like the Broken Link Checker, here on this website.

What a Broken Link Checker does?

  • Checks websites and blogs and the software asks itself is linked Dead Or Not. It Scans an unlimited number of web pages to find a link that is faulty Validates both internal and external URLs Reports the location of problematic links in your HTML Reports error codes (404 etc.) for all bad URLs

Note: you may have heard of a verification link, this is very different from a broken link. These links are usually ones that are sent to you via email for you to click on and confirm a subscription, access a survey, etc.

Why you need Broken Link Checker?

Your website contains thousands of links; without an automated means of checking these links, it is humanly difficult to check the links manually yourself. The Broken Link Checker is a computerized tool that scans through your website to locate every file, every tag, sub-tags and all the pointed documents, and hyperlinks to see the ones not working correctly.

Therefore, the reason you need the online Broken Link Checker is to save you valuable time. And To Get an accurate report of the exact numbers of broken links on your website that need attention. There are many broken Link Finder Tool Available On Internet but ours has been tested many times and gives our visitors accurate results.

What is a Dead Link?

  • At times the terms broken link and dead link confuse people. In reality, they are the same thing, and it's just another way of saying it. So when you here the link is dead, they are talking about a broken link. 

How To Use Broken Link Checker? Enter your website URL in the Broken Link Checker's URL Space Provided and Click On Submit After Captcha. The report of your Site links will be present for INTERNAL and EXTERNAL links in three columns: URL, STATUS CODE, and STATUS.

So when you know if your site has any Google broken links or any other search engine for that matter. You will see the status of your website in less than 3 minutes. Take the time to look through the report to see the health status of your site, and You Did!