20 Proven and Actionable SEO Tips & Strategies in 2023

Want to rank your website and drive huge traffic from Google? Then You should need to know about these 20 Proven and Actionable SEO Tips & Strategies Of 2023.

20 Actionable SEO Tips
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Want to rank your website and drive huge traffic from Google?

Then In this post, I have Curated 20 Best SEO Tips that will help you to rank very fast in Google’s Search Results, Don’t Follow Blackhat SEO Tactics for your Project because Google will Penalize your Website or Blog as Google is becoming very strict for clearing spammy Websites.

This post is for those who need new and latest SEO tips that are completely white hat and whether you have a blog, company website, startup, etc. these tips will work for everyone.

A lot of businesses and digital marketers use SEO to rank their websites which helps them to generate revenue online as well as offline which shows a good online presence.

So without wasting time Below are my Handpicked Proven SEO Tips which will help you in 2023 and even in future years. It will be my endeavor to give you the correct and complete information and also we’ll link to the right source from which you will get more information about the topic.

20 Proven SEO Tips :

By Following these Killer SEO Tips, I’m able to generate 439,695 unique visitors per month from search engines on my another blog then I decided to share those SEO Checklists that I used to drive such huge traffic organically.

1. Growth Hack On-Page SEO

You all know that SEO is divided into 2 parts which are ON-PAGE ( also known as on-site SEO) and OFF-PAGE. If your Site is Fresh New and you want to rank the Website fast then Focus More on ON-PAGE SEO.

Just forget about off-page SEO for the initial 6 months which involves building backlinks.

Just Create Awesome and Informative Content which Targets a huge Number of Audiences and should benefit them.

But does the old on-page SEO techniques still work in 2023?

Yes, Google has also mentioned it in its report, “How Search Works“. Even this will work in the future, but if you do over-optimization then it will negatively impact your website.

However, you can see by yourself whether on-page SEO still works in the present era or not. Go and search for any keyword on Google, then you will see that almost all ranking pages have keywords in their title tag. Even most of them have exact keywords in the URL and description.

Not Only Adding exact keywords on the title tag, description, and URL means on-page SEO. There are a lot of things you need to do to rank your content in 2023 and the most important is that “Don’t Do Over-Optimization“.

Few Ideas on ON-page SEO: 

  • Create visual content (infographics & animated videos) for your blog or business website.
  • Create a youtube channel now (Youtube has grown a lot in the last 2 years in terms of authority). In addition, you can create pages for your blog on all social media platforms, which will build social signals.
  • Always use original images, not stock images, because thousands of websites already use them.
  • Write content in such a way that once a user comes to your blog, then he/she should not need to go to any other blog for that topic. I mean explain in depth what you write.

2. Target Profitable Keywords with Low Competition

If you want to Rank for a Particular Keyword, then Optimizing and Picking the right keywords is very important. If your Site is New and you want to rank for very high Search Volume Keywords then chances are it would take a lot of time to rank.

The smart approach is to go for Low Competition Keywords which are Profitable Keywords. Do keyword Research Using tools Like Google Keyword Planner or Uber Suggest which are Completely Free.

If you need more in Depth Research Use Long Tail Pro or Semrush, Best tools in the Market.

After having a good Amount of High-Quality Backlinks and some Authority you can try Optimizing High Search Volume Keywords, You might Rank for Sure.

3. Create Video Content

If you want to stay in the online marketing industry then start creating video content. Whatever you are a professional blogger, business owner, digital marketer, affiliate marketer, product owner, just start creating video content and acquire the video featured snippets position.

According to Cisco, 80% of internet traffic will be video by 2023. In the future, people prefer video content over text content. Even today most users search their queries on YouTube first and if enough information is not available, they search on Google or other search engines.

Video Contents Will Be Future

Market your Products or Websites by Creating Video Intros. People Interact more with visuals than text.

For Example, if you are writing a Blog Post 5 Proven SEO Tips then make the same Video about “5 Proven SEO tips” and Upload it on your Youtube Channel, I can guarantee you that Google will Pick you Instead of those who just have Text Content.

Big Secret SEO Tip: YouTube Channel ( Video Content) + Website ( Visual Content and Informative)+ Authority ( Branding and Increasing Social Circle ) = Overall SEO in 2023

4. Place Target Keyword in Title Tag

There are Cases where Sites with a High Amount of Quality Backlinks Ranked without Optimizing Keywords in the Title Tag, But I feel it’s a very important SEO Tactic because the title itself tells the visitors and search engines what they will find on this web page.

Optimize the title tag in such a way that the user is forced to click and also will express what’s inside the article. This will increase CTR that helps you to rank up in the SERPs. As I already told you not to over-optimization then what is the correct percentage of keyword usage in the title tag?

Here is the report from ahrefs about the correlation between the use of title tags and keywords in ranking:

But, today pages are ranking on the first page of SERP even their title does not contain keywords. This means that you have to write the title in such a way that it describes the topic and do not stuff keywords.

What Google says to avoid when writing the title of the page.

You need to Be aware that there is no Such Magic SEO Tips to rank #1 in Google, You need to Hustle, Try Almost every SEO Tactic to be in the Game.

If you use WordPress as CMS then it’s very Easy Placing keywords in Title Tag.

Use WordPress Plugin Yoast SEO that will help you to Improve Overall On-Page SEO.

5. Optimise Meta Description with Target Keyword

Write Good and Short Meta Description which will Cover Everything about the Web page, Add Target Keywords and Don’t Just Stuff the Keywords which will result in Bad SEO.

Does meta description helps in ranking in 2023? Well, Google always says that meta description does not help in ranking but we all know that in olden days they played an important role. Is it today? The answer is yes but not the same as before.

What I Saw On Google Regarding Meta Description:

  • Google does not take the meta description you define, no matter which SEO plugin you use. They automatically pick one or two lines from the webpage content and treat them as meta descriptions in SERPs.
  • As I see in most cases Google generally picks lines from the first paragraph and treats them as meta descriptions in search results.

Your Meta Description is like Advert in the Search Engines.

Writing Good Meta Description can Even improve your CTR of the Website, If you are running Adsense on the Site then this Tip is going to Make a lot of Impact on your Adsense Earnings.

6. Build Internal Links

Having internal links on your website can help you a lot in long-term SEO, you may not rank immediately but in the future. Also, you can boost pages that are ranking on page 2 or 3 by adding internal links.

Add useful and High Authority Links which will Helps your Readers.

The question is how do we identify high-authority pages on our site? Simple use Ahrefs Tool. Want to know how to do this? Then follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Go to the Ahrefs Dashboard and click on Site Explorer.

Step 2: Now, enter the homepage of your website in the box and click on the search icon.

Step 3: Then, in the left sidebar, there is an option “Best By Links” to view the high-authority pages of your site.

Do not randomly add internal links on ranking pages. Add those authority pages that are relevant to the topic of the ranking page.

Step 4: Now, go to the pages that are ranking on page 2 or 3 in the search result and add those high authoritative internal links to boost them.

Make your Website more Resourceful and Authentic, Don’t Make like a Spammy Site just adding Links.

Have a Good Strategy and Plan for adding Links to beat your competitors.

Even, Wikipedia has a lot of Links in their Articles which Redirects links to the Same Wikipedia Pages.

This is the Reason I feel Wikipedia is on number 1 Spot on Almost Everything.

7. Make Website Mobile Friendly 

The Future of the Internet is Mobile, If you are not Optimizing your Site for Mobile Devices then you are Leaving Money on the Table.

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day even 58% of all searches on Google are done by mobile users.

Your first priority is to optimize your website for mobile users as Google rolled out its Mobile-Friendly Update that penalizes those websites which are not mobile-friendly for queries searched on the smartphone.

If You’re using WordPress CMS then you can easily able to Use Mobile Friendly Themes.

Which Theme I’m Using?

I’m using GeneratePress Theme on my website and the Performance of my Blog was impressive. Also, The Theme is fully SEO Optimized and is the fastest theme of WordPress. Using Free themes on WordPress is not Recommended if you want to make some serious money and think from an SEO Perspective.

8. Optimize Image and Add Keywords in ALT Tag

The image plays a crucial role in improving user spends time on the article: this directly sends a signal to the google algorithm that there is something in this article that makes people stay and then pages are boost-up in SERPs.

But, do not forget to add alt attributes: as alt text improves image SEO and your image will get a good ranking in image search results.

The alt text tells the purpose of the image to search engine spider and also browsers used by blind people (screen readers) shows alt text instead of the image.

But, I have seen a lot of people not Optimizing Images, All they do is just Upload it and Insert it as it is. This is the reason why their site is unable to rank.

Add Keywords in the ALT Tag Section, Make Sure you add it in the Title of the Image also.

Compress image size using plugins. Larger images take longer to load which is again bad in SEO prospective.

I recommend WordPress Plugin Imagify (free) for Compressing the Images.

9. Design and Visualize your Content 

Having a Good Readability of a Webpage or Blog Post plays a major role in terms of engaging people to stick on the Webpage, This is an indirect approach to SEO.

People who stay long duration of time on the Webpage affects a lot, It helps improve the Bounce Rate of the Website which is crucial for SEO.

Sometimes it is not easy to explain the concept in the text, but it can be explained visually. Also, Our brain easily understand visuals than textual.

Have a Mixture of Text Content + Visual Content (Infographics) + Links (Internal & External) + Nice Structure = High-Quality Content 

Add Table of Contents on the Topmost section of the Post which shows all the H1 Headings, H2 headings so that audience can choose what they want to Read.

Use WordPress Plugin Table of Content + ( TOC + )

10. Improve User Experience

At the End what Google Cares is User Experience and User Satisfaction, If you are not Improving your Website/ Blog’s user experience you will never Rank on Google.

How much time a User Spends on a Web Page tells a lot about your Website, If a User Exits and turns back from your Website, It leaves a very bad impression.

Don’t place Pop up ads on your Website/Blog just because you want to make money, They do nothing but ruin your Website.

Without SEO, Your site will not drive organics traffic, and without a good user experience, you will not able to rank. It means your site needs to be good at both.

Want to know how to determine the user experience of a site? If yes then you can check out this article.

11. Install SSL Certificate ( Move to HTTPS )

If you look at Google’s top results, you will see that every website has HTTPS and SSL certificates enabled. This is a major factor for SEO and also mandatory for every website. As Google pushing site owners to implement SSL on their website to make google a trusted search engine. If your site does not have SSL enabled, it will not display on Google’s SERP.

You can use Free SSL from let’s Encrypt or Cloud Flare.

If you are Using WordPress Platform then it is very easy to install SSL from Cloudflare and Let’s Encrypt.

Some Hosting packages Provide you Free SSL which is a Bonus.

If you need a premium Touch then Purchase the SSL Certificate.

12. Improve Website Load

Google has given topmost priority for the Websites which load faster. If your Website is Loading Slow then Make Sure you Purchase Good Quality Web Hosting which is the Foundation of any website.

Try to think from your own perspective, you wanted to read some interesting and informative articles, for this, you open a link from SERP, but instead of showing the result, the pages keep loading and then show you an error page or Some images do not load properly, it feels frustrating.

Then you go back and open another link, this makes Google think that the previously opened site could not satisfy the user and then Google goes down the ranking of that page that’s why I’m telling you to keep your site’s loading time faster.

page speed affects ranking

To improve your website’s loading speed you can Host your Website on Cloud, VPS, or on a Dedicated Server. Do not Host your Website on Shared Hosting. However, you can improve the speed of your site in shared hosting, but not by much.

  • You should also implement CDN on your Website/Blog, If you need free CDN then Use Cloudflare or Buy Premium CDN Solutions like MaxCDN, Amazon CloudFront, Key CDN.
  • You can also use a caching solution to improve your site loading time. If your site is on WordPress then Use Caching Plugins such as WP-Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP-Rocket, etc.
  • Optimize and Compress Images as I have mentioned above.

13. Keep URLs Short for Better SEO

Keep your article URL Short but may contain your main Keywords which can give you the Boost to Rank Faster in Google and Other Search Engines.

How To Write SEO-Friendly URLs

Below we have mentioned some points that you need to keep in mind while writing the URL of your article.

  • Describe your content
  • Contain Main Keyword
  • For Word Separation use Hyphens
  • Use Lowercase Letters in URLs (WordPress automatically did even if contain Uppercase)

As you can see this article URL how do I make it shorter? It looks very clean and meaningful for Google, Long URL Tends to be more ugly and spammy according to me. A recent SEO study stated that shorter URLs are ranking faster than some longer URLs, which do not even reflect the article topic.

Pro Tip: Add Target Keyword in the URL which is Short and Meaningful.

14. Build Quality Backlinks

Everyone has a different approach to building backlinks.

Some Do Blog Commenting, Some Just Spam it, Some Buy Backlinks which is OK if you do correctly.

But I think if you do not have good content, then backlinks do not have any benefit.

Two Situations :

  • Good Content without Backlinks = Bullshit SEO
  • Lots Of Backlinks + Poor Content = Bullshit SEO

So everything is a Mixture of adding tactics, You cannot expect to get results by following One or Two Methods and it’s not about the number of Backlinks, it’s about the Number of Quality Backlinks.

1st Scenario:

Let’s say you are in a Fashion Niche, You should focus on Building Backlinks that are related to Fashion Industry and Blogs which makes more sense for the Google. It’s all about providing Google Value and not Confusing Google.

2nd Scenario:

Let’s say you are in the digital marketing space, which is a business niche, you should create links about B2B and B2C companies and blogs. You should not focus on the amount of links and also don’t build backlinks from fashion, travel, health niches because Google will be confused to rank your website web page/blog post.

I have fewer than 100 backlinks so far and I rank for the keyword “SEO Tips 2023” on the top page of Google’s search results. Just Joking, It takes time to rank on SERP as this site is new.

Bottom Line : 

  • Informative Content + Quality Backlinks + Social Authority = King Size SEO ( No one Can Stop You from achieving the Results )

Be active in Internet forums like Quora, Reddit, Stumbleupon etc. and solve people’s problems.

If your content is good, then Sure People will link your website and share it with other people.

15. Steal Competitors Backlinks and Build Backlinks By Doing E-mail Outreach 

This is the most common way to get backlinks, use the SEMRUSH tool to spy on competing keywords and links.

Import all of this into Excel and let them start communicating with the link authorities by email.

Email Outreach Template For Guest Post

email outreach template for guest post

Again don’t just spam the atmosphere, communicate in a good way and see if you can solve their problems in an exchange of backlinks.

16. Submit Sitemap to Google (for new site)

After verifying your website on all search engines, your next step is to submit a sitemap to the search engine.

By submitting a sitemap to Search Engines, it has the advantage that it becomes easier for web spiders to crawl data easily.

The more help you can give Google, The better Results you Fetch.

Submitting sitemaps is very easy.

For Google Use Google’s Webmaster tool and for Bing Use Bing Webmaster Tool.

You can create sitemap in WordPress using WordPress Plugins like Yoast SEO, All in ONE SEO, Jetpack, XML Sitemaps.

I recommend you to go for Yoast SEO, Rank Math and Jetpack WordPress Plugin.

17. Improve Security of a Website

Improving your overall security of the website can help you last longer, just be practical and think from your own perspective “Will you buy products and services from sites that are vulnerable to hacking? You can protect your privacy.” We care and as a webmaster, it is our responsibility to take care of the privacy of users.

Use Solid Web Host (Affiliate) along with CloudFare that prevents DDoS attacks and provides free CDNs.

So this can be a very important SEO factor. Below we have mentioned the points that will make your site more secure.

  • Use WordPress Plugin Wordfence which can help the Site make Secure.
  • Use 2FA- 2 Factor Authentication
  • Enable SSL
  • Keep your Site Spam Free.
  • Change Admin URL

18. Audit your Website and Fix Errors

You should audit your website every week or month to check for errors in the website. For this, you can use tools SEMRUSH and similar web to audit website.

Even if you have optimized your website in terms of SEO, there will be small errors on your website.

Take a look at My Website’s (YouSEOTools) Audit Report.

youseotool semrush report

As you can see my Total score is 89% after optimizing to the Best.

HTTPS Score is 99% which is great, It’s very important to make your Website Secure.

Performance Score is 89% which is good, This completely depends on your Web Hosting Provider.

The Internal Linking Score is 94% which is quite impressive.

You can also interlink your links within your blog / website or you can also link to other websites.

I suggest interlinking both aspects.

19. Fix Crawl Errors in Google Search Console

Google values ​​websites that are clean and error free.

You can get errors frequently on your website. So, You do not need to invest in expensive SEO tools to fix all these errors.

Google itself provides you a free tool, which is better than other SEO tools in the market. In Google Search Console, you can see crawl statistics, Robots.txt status and server connectivity status.

fix search console errors

If there is an error, Google notifies you to fix it. Follow the guidelines on how to fix and apply. However, If you get any server error then there is a network connectivity problem which can be solve by contacting to your web hosting provider.

20. Add your Sitemap to Footer of Website

There are some benefits of adding a sitemap to the footer of the website.

With this, you make your website easier and faster to crawl and If you are not providing Google an easier way then Google takes a lot of time to Crawl and Rank.

The faster Google crawls your site, the faster they will index and the more chances you have to rank on Google.

I rank for the keyword “SEO Tips 2023” on the Google First Page among big brands like Optimonster and Backlinko. Just Joking, It takes time to rank on SERP as this site is new.

I focused on creating good and up-to-date content on Google and all these tips are outlined in this article.

Bonus SEO Strategy

Leverage All Social Networks

It is very important to be on all leading social networks.

Start now and create all social media profiles of your brand, product and website and start creating content on social media.

Whether it’s Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Medium and Pinterest just be Everywhere.

I am not asking you to spam all social media.

Just create great and problem solving content.

20 Actionable SEO Tips

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